Street meets sporty sophistication at Song for the Mute

In a week dominated by female fashion, menswear label Song for the Mute certainly made some noise when they unveiled their Fall Winter 2014/2015 collection at MBFWA. And it wasn’t just because designers Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty got Lupe Fiasco to close their show, which was presented by luxe menswear store Harrolds. Flying in a famous hip-hop artist might be a sure-fire way to generate a bit of pre-show hype. But, when the lights go down and the models hit the runway, you’ve got to have the goods to back it up. Luckily, they did.

We loved the tonal palate of black, white and grey, the relaxed tailoring and the use of high-tech materials like paraffin and resin-coated fabrics. The overall feel was like high-end streetwear. Sophisticated yet sporty in spirit. In other words, perfect winter wardrobe pieces for the Sporteluxe man.

However, while we’d rave about almost every piece Song for the Mute sent down the runway, we don’t recommend you try the white-streaked hair the models sported at home. It might have been edgy and artistic in the show, but it would undoubtedly look more Pepé Le Pew in real life.