Spice up your afternoon with this coriander hummus

Coriander hummus, hummus recipe

This coriander hummus is delicious and easy to prepare, perfect on its own as a dip with some quality bread or vegetable sticks. It’s makes for a great starter or side dish if entertaining, or a nourishing and satisfying afternoon snack. As oppose to the traditional version, this recipe is made using coriander which gives it a fresh, delicious flavour. Why not give this a try today?

Coriander Hummus

Serves 4

Time: 25 minutes – 1 hour 25 minutes, plus soaking overnight (optional)

You’ll need:Coriander hummus

  1. 250g dried chickpeas or 2 x 400g cans chickpeas
  2. 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
  3. 1 small potato, peeled and quartered
  4. 5 handfuls of spinach
  5. 1 small red onion
  6. 1 teaspoon coriander seeds,
  7. toasted then ground
  8. grated zest and juice of 1 lemon
  9. 1 teaspoon salt, plus extra
  10. salt and pepper to taste
  11. 180ml extra virgin olive oil
  12. 60ml rapeseed or groundnut oil
  13. 1 spring onion, finely sliced

What to do: 

If using dried chickpeas, soak them overnight with the bicarbonate of soda. Drain, bring to the boil then simmer for 1 hour. Add the potato and cook for 10 minutes, then drain. Whizz the chickpeas, potato, spinach, onion, coriander seeds, lemon zest and half the lemon juice in a food processor. Add 1 teaspoon salt and both oils, then whizz and season with salt and pepper to taste. Add lemon juice to loosen. Sprinkle with spring onion.

Images and recipe from Green Proteins by Fern Green. Published by Hachette Australia, RRP$14.99, available now.