Split day training – a more effective resistance workout?

So you’ve finally gotten over your fear of venturing into the weights room. Well done you! Now it’s time to consider the way you’re approaching your strength training. If you’re doing full body workouts every session, but want to get in and out of the gym quicker, try breaking up your workouts into split day training.

So what exactly is split day training? Elan Zalvesky, fitness trainer at Damien Kelly breaks it down for us: “split day strength training is dividing your gym sessions by specific body parts on different days of the week.” So one day you might focus on your legs and butt with moves like barbell squats, another day could be all about core work.

Spilt training has long been a popular weight training method for men as it offers a precise and more tailored way to build muscle directly. However, Zalvesky says it can also be a great way for women to build strength, not bulk. “It’s all about trying to attack the same muscles more acutely from different directions in order to build lean muscle mass,” he explains.

Fans of split day training love its effectiveness: more solid results for less time spent in the gym. It can also help develop better awareness of the individual muscles of your body and the roles they each play in physical functionality.