My Kitchen Rules co-host and celebrity chef Pete Evans shares his passion for paleo

We all know Pete Evans as a celebrity chef, cookbook author and the co-host of My Kitchen Rules. However, what’s less commonly known is that Pete is also a certified health coach who is immensely passionate about nutrition. His beautiful new cookbook, Healthy Everyday (Plum; $39.99), is filled with nourishing recipes and reflects the kind of paleo-inspired fare that Pete loves making for his family and friends.

How do you start your day?Pete Evans Book

I rise with the sun, drink a big glass of filtered water and head to the ocean with my girl for a swim or a surf.

What does being healthy mean to you?

Being healthy means living the most ethical, conscious life possible. By that I mean enjoying fulfilling relationships based on unconditional love. Eating nutrient-dense foods. Being mindful of the planet and how best to make a smaller footprint. Embracing exercise and taking time to do the activities that allow my spirit to feel alive, like surfing and kiteboarding.

How do you nourish your body?

I follow a paleo-inspired lifestyle, which comes from an understanding of evolutionary science…Our ancestors have been around for over three million years and for 99.9% of our existence we lived as hunters and gathered existing on a diet rich in wild animal protein and fat and also in-season wild vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. It’s only the last 10,000 or so years that we have started consuming grains, sugar and dairy which is a mere blink of the eye in our existence on this planet.

We know you’re an incredible chef. What are some of your go-to healthy meals?

I cook all the time, I love it! Both Nic and I enjoy cooking and we usually do it together. We’re conscious of the fact that it’s imperative that we know where our food comes from, so when we’re at home in Sydney we only eat out once in a blue moon. Plus, we love making delicious, healthy food for the kids. We have many go-to healthy meals as we eat a varied diet. We love making our own beautiful bone broths and then creating nutritious soups with grass-fed meat, or sustainable, wild-caught seafood and fish, fibrous vegetables, herbs and spices. Sometimes we cream them up with freshly blended coconut flesh.

Any health secrets you swear by?

I take a pure omega 3 (vitamin D enriched) supplement during the day and I take magnesium at night. These are the only two supplements I regularly take. We eat fermented vegetables with every meal which is the ultimate way to absorb maximum nutrients and maintain a healthy balance of bacteria thriving in our guts. We also make our own coconut kefir too, which we swear by!

How do you stay healthy while travelling?

Nic usually takes care of that. She always does her research before we even land in a city. So she knows where and when the farmers markets are on, where all the best organic health food shops are, and where the paleo-friendly cafes and restaurants are too. We always take our own food on planes and we travel with things like nuts and shaved coconut for snacks.

What’s your approach to exercise?

I like to do something every day whether it be surfing, going for a walk, or doing pull ups on my bar in in the garage. I also enjoy weight lifting a few times a week. I don’t believe it’s wise to push my body to the limit and stress it out with overzealous exercise; that just doesn’t make sense to me.

Biggest mistake most guys make when it comes to health and fitness?

Believing that having and maintaining a great physique is more about how much you exercise than it is about diet.  A good quality diet rich in protein and fat from grass-fed animals and plenty of fibrous vegetables is ideal for feeding every part of our bodies, including our brains. I would be mindful to not go overboard with protein powders too, many of them are heavily processed and completely unnatural. I also think there’s definitely a good chance that many are overdoing it and pushing their bodies too far. It’s really not my area of expertise, but those are just my gut feelings. Better to ask super trainer Luke Hines that question. He’s definitely the guru!

What’s your fave healthy indulgence?

One of my favourite dishes is just pure bone marrow with a sprinkling of sea salt! Or I loooove freshly shucked oysters!

How do you beat stress? Any tips for bringing more balance into your life?

I meditate. I love it. It definitely helps me to quieten my mind and enjoy true relaxation. Also the ocean is incredible for me too; it cleanses me instantly. Nic and I call it our spiritual bath.

How do you describe your style? What are some of your fave active wear labels or must-have products?

I’m not that pumped on clothes, they don’t really float my boat. I used to buy just plain old white or black t-shirts, but Nic has definitely jazzed my wardrobe up with some pretty cool tees. Otherwise, the truth is, I’m just not excited about buying clothes or shoes at all. However, surf boards are a different story! We’ve got Chilli boards in every corner of the house, including a dedicated surf board shed out the back! I’m now having to stash the extra ones in our bathrooms, too.

What’s in your grooming kit?

Oh you know mascara, blush, fake tan, nothing much. Actually I’ve got one product that I love, it’s called surf wax and it’s handy for giving your board grip and your hair less fluffy!

Do you have a personal mantra or a quote that resonates with you?

Be the change you want to see in the world!

Name three things you can’t live without.

My three beautiful girls: Nic, Chilli and Indii. Surfing great waves and being actively involved with helping others to live a healthier, more fulfilled life!

Visit Pete’s website or connect with him on Instagram @peteevanspaleochef