Glowing skin starts here!

We asked holistic nutritionist and beauty expert Samantha Sargent to share a few of her skin-boosting secrets with us. Here are four of her best natural beauty tricks for complexion perfection.

pumpkin seeds

Eat pumpkin seeds

It turns out this humble healthy snack has some impressive beauty-boosting benefits. “Try eating a handful of organic pumpkin seeds before you go to bed,” says Samantha. “They’re packed full of zinc and other beneficial minerals that help to promote skin repair and health. Which makes them perfect if you have any skin problems that require the body to self-heal.

Treat yourself to a pearl mask

Pearl powder

Face treatments don’t get more stylish than slathering your skin with crushed pearls! “Pearl powder was highly-revered as a beauty treatment during ancient times by royalty in Egypt and China,” says Samantha. “It’s said that even Cleopatra used pearl powder on her skin! However, we now know this ancient beauty secret helps with the regeneration of new skin cells and improves the skin’s radiance.” For a luxe natural face mask try adding a little pearl powder to some natural yoghurt.

Add maca root powder to your smoothies

Maca is one of Miranda Kerr’s fave smoothie ingredients. Samantha is a fan of this Peruvian superfood too, especially for those who suffer from breakouts. “Maca root powder balances your hormones, which in turn can help to promote a beautiful, glowing skin,” says Samantha. “Maca is also renowned for helping to support hormone balance, as well as increasing your libido and energy levels.” Try Bioglan Superfoods Maca Powder or Loving Earth Raw Organic Maca Powder.

PricklyGive your skin a hydration boost with prickly pear oil

“One of my fave face oils at the moment is prickly pear seed oil,” says Samantha. “I travel a lot and whenever my skin is looking tired, and in need of some serious TLC, I apply prickly pear seed oil at night as a serum. I wake in the morning with a fresh complexion. It works wonders in helping to soften and brighten the skin and banish blemishes and fine lines.”

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