Is stress killing your sex drive? 

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Ok, here are some truths for those of us that are strung out stress heads: when we stress, our blood pressure and cholesterol both go up, right along with the likelihood of gaining weight. Not only do these things increase our chance of heart disease, according to the Heart Foundation, but they also take the sizzle out of our sex life.

Not surprisingly then, one of the most common complaints from busy people who feel stressed out is a lack of sex drive. The good news though is it’s easier to treat than heart related illnesses. All it takes are some healthy rituals and mindful ‘pauses’.

So, if the long hours are getting you (not to mention other things) ‘down’, here are three very simple things you can do today to put the phwoar back into your sex life:

1. Self care: eat to nourish

Pick unprocessed foods when you can and those as close to nature as possible. Think ‘foods to fuel’ for sustenance. We all like a quickie every once in a while, but remember, it’s far better to eat for endurance. Try to slot some rest into your day and get at least seven hours of sleep a night.

2. Pause and breathe

Take five minutes, three times every day to step away from your desk and breathe right down into your abdomen. We take for granted these ‘belly’ breaths and forget how useful they are for balancing our nervous system, increasing the productivity of our digestion and promoting an optimistic outlook on whatever comes up along the way in our day. Practicing yoga is a great way to get back on track and allow yourself to ‘catch up’ too. Deep breaths coupled with flowing movements can take you out of your head (where stress starts) and into your body. Go on, take a big belly breath right now and see what happens.

3. Sex it up

I know, I know… stress has shot your sex drive to pieces, but did you know that sex itself can also be an awesome stress release for a number of reasons? When you’re intimate, the bonding hormone oxytocin is released your the body. It’s responsible, in part, for that happy, feel-good vibe post sex. Studies also show that intercourse lowers baseline blood pressure which can help you manage stressful situations.

As a general rule when it comes to feeling less strung out, the level of fulfillment you experience in life is directly related to where you spend most of your time. By where I mean where you choose to place your focus. Focus on the things that are stressing you and voila, you’ll be more stressed. Focus on the things that you are passionate about or really grateful for and those seemingly ‘stressful’ situations have far less of a hold over you. And who wouldn’t rather show all the stress in their lives the door?!

Take care and see you on a yoga mat soon.


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