Strong, healthy nails & how to get them

Healthy nails, manicures, The Parlour Room
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Are strong and healthy nails something you struggle with? As we head into winter, dry hands and brittle nails tend to get the better of us. Do you often look down and sigh about your splitting and yellow nails, deep ridges, dry and cracked skin? Sound all too familiar? Good news is the answer’s pretty simple – just as you care for your facial skin, your hands and nails need the same kind of love.

So to avoid these common winter nail problems, all you have to do is look after them with a plain good old-fashioned manicure. What’s involved and what does it do? Well, apart from being welcome pampering (yes please), a manicure helps to ward off problems. All it takes is 45 minutes once a fortnight at your favourite salon.

True: Regular manicures really help to give you strong and healthy nails

So what’s all the fuss about a manicure? Beautician Natalie Papadopoulos from The Parlour Room shares some great advice on why manicures are essential in the chillier seasons

Tip: snip and file nails often

Keeping them filed short will stop you biting and getting chips in them. Little chips can get caught on fabric or objects, rip even further which will leave you with sharp rigid nails.

Healthy nails, manicures, The Parlour RoomHealthy nails, manicures, The Parlour Room

Tip: trim cuticles carefully

We need our cuticles to help prevent bacteria entering the nail. However, pushing them back and trimming dry flaky areas will not only make your nails look better, but help prevent the skin pulling that can leave you red, sore and even bleeding. This is best kept to the experts though as you can get carried away cutting too much.

Healthy nails, manicures, The Parlour Room

Tip: buff up regularly

Buffing nails gently helps to improve circulation directly underneath in the nail bed. Poor circulation in this area can hinder nail growth and result in weak nails that are more prone to splitting.

Healthy nails, manicures, The Parlour Room

Tip: cuticle oil is your friend

Cuticle oils are your best nail secret weapon. They provide nutrients to your nail and surrounding skin, to help prevent dry cracking problems. It will also make your manicure look fresh and shiny with every application. Pop on a few drops every day and massage into your nail beds for best results.

Healthy nails, manicures, The Parlour Room

Tip: ask for an extra massage

Hand massage is not only relaxing but improves circulation which will always help your nails become stronger. A nourishing hand cream will keep skin looking hydrated and soft as well.

Healthy nails, manicures, The Parlour Room

3 facts about nail care:

Did you know Biotin and vitamin E are great for healthy strong nails, and nail strengthening polish really does work!