Style debate! Are yoga tights the new jeans?

From Prahran to Paddington, you only need to look at the stylishly active ensembles of ladies who brunch to know that we aren’t just working out in our workout gear anymore. And now the president and CEO of Levi Strauss in America, Chip Bergh, has come out and said that women’s jeans sales have declined because of this very fact! “We’re actually losing consumption to yoga pants,” said Bergh in an interview with Yahoo! Apparently, Bergh thinks we’re bypassing buying more jeans and opting for a wardrobe of yoga tights instead. Which got us thinking in the Sporteluxe office: is he onto something? Are yoga tights the new jeans?

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Faye Delanty

NO says Fashion Hound eco style blogger and TV presenter Faye De Lanty

“Being a serious denim devotee, I would say no. Yoga pants serve a great purpose but I just prefer to keep them for the Bikram room. For me, jeans are a fashion evergreen, they never go out of season. Decade after decade they continue to reinvent themselves, remaining current and cool. You can dress jeans up or down, wear them all week with a different look everyday or even customise them like I do.  Viva la jean genius!”




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Sarah RanawakeYES says Sporteluxe editorial director and yoga lover Sarah Ranawake

“I feel bad for Mr Levi’s Boss Man about the decline in his profit margins, but I agree! Yoga pants have definitely overtaken jeans in my wardrobe. Now, before we go any further with this debate, I want to establish the fact that when I’m talking about yoga pants being the new jeans, I’m referring to them being my casual pants of choice. I’m definitely not advocating you throw out your skinny jeans and try rocking a pair of yoga pants with heels out to dinner or a bar. That would just be wrong. However, when it comes to comfort and style for running errands on the weekend, I can’t go past a great pair of yoga pants.

No longer just for the gym or yoga studio, active wear is seriously stylish these days. Just look at all the amazing fashion shoots we produce here at! Which means you can get away with wearing your yoga gear all day on a Saturday – even if you’re not doing a yoga class until late afternoon. Or at all! Plus, finding the right pair of jeans can be a serious shopping mission. Yoga pants, on the other hand, are super flattering. As long as you choose a good quality brand (I’m loving NIMBLE at the moment) yoga pants will hold you in and flatter your butt better than most jeans ever could!”