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Pip Edwards, General Pants
Photography by | Hair & Makeup by Samantha Powell | Styling by Pip Edwards | All clothing apparel from General Pants Co.

Pip Edwards quite possibly embodies the ‘sports luxe’ fashion trend more than any other person in Australia, given her life and work see her have one foot firmly in both style and fitness worlds.

Little wonder the style icon and mum, who is design director of General Pants Co. (following design stints at Sass and Bide, and Ksubi) has such a huge social media following – people are genuinely fascinated with her edgy style and fast-paced life.

Whether you see the 35-year-old running on Bondi Beach, racing through her workday or rushing to do errands with son Justice, age eight, on a weekend, she’s most likely to be head to toe in luxe sportswear (usually pieces from THE UPSIDE, for which she co-fronted as part of the Be You campaign last season, or labels from General Pants Co.’s growing range of Athleisure brands).

“Fitness is now part of what I do – it’s ingrained in my wardrobe, in my day-to-day, it’s like eating for me,” the she told Sporteluxe.

“You feel your best when you know you’re looking your best, especially if you work in fashion – there are so many photo shoots and events, you need to keep on top of your mental state and your body to do all those things with confidence. Fitness gives me more energy and keeps me young.”

Sporteluxe spoke to Pip Edwards about her fitness regime, favourite diet, workout wardrobe and the constant challenges she faces daily…


What’s your typical morning like?

“I set my alarm for 6 o’clock, then it’s generally get up, get breakfast, get Justice dressed for school, get a mandatory skim mocha, get stuck in morning traffic… I tend to exercise more after work.”

Pip Edwards, General Pants
Pip wears → Insight jacket, Ksubi skirt and Stussy crop top (white) $49.95

Describe your weekday workout regime?

“I try to do F45 twice a week at the gym across the road from my house – it’s a kind of circuit training and really fun. They play loud music and you make a whole range of new friends; it kind of doesn’t really feel like training. Then I try to do one weights session a week, one cardio session, and a Pilates class every weekend. Then I’ll always try to do a something on the weekend like laps of Bondi Beach on the sand with my music on or the Bondi to Bronte cliff walk.”

Pip Edwards, General Pants
Pip wears → The Upside tights and crop top

What’s your favourite place to work out?

“When the weather’s warmer, it’s all about soft sand running on Bondi Beach for me. Justice comes with me and rides his scooter or runs on the top of the promenade and I run on the sand just below. I don’t know what we’re going to do this summer because he’s totally outgrown his scooter. I’ll have to get him back into skateboarding!”

Pip Edwards, General Pants
Pip wears → Stussy cropped top, tights and Frends Headphones

What sort of music do you listen to when you run?

“It’s always just one track on repeat, over and over, and it doesn’t change for years. I’ve only ever really had three running tracks in my life! Initially it was a Daft Punk track called Too Long, then it was Hot Chip’s Flutes, then it was Daft Punk again, a song called Instant Crush. I run to quite slow music because I can tap into different layers of the song, so I’m out of my body while I’m training in a way.”

Pip Edwards, General Pants

Do you follow any particular diet or nutrition philosophy?

“My diet changed over the years, but I lean now very much towards Paleo. I know it’s a bit of a fad, but it’s important to my whole family – my dad has diabetes and had to change to Paleo to manage that. I feel better and lighter for it. Carbs just don’t work for me.”

Pip Edwards, General Pants
Pip wears → Wrangler crop top and track pants

What’s a constant stressor in your life and how do you manage it?

“For me, it’s the juggle. I have a child (Justice, 8) and as he gets older, his life is becoming more demanding with school and mine is too. I have to draw on other people as resources and that becomes a stress – repaying favours. Also, when you work in fashion, your appearance is pretty up there with being a stress. I’m not being fickle, but there’s an expectation to look a certain way, which takes work. It’s crazy but its part of the job.”

Do you think the sports luxe fashion trend is just that – a trend?

“No way – it’s a lifestyle! The industry is expanding because consumers are pushing for it – denim and active wear is where it’s at. If you look at Instagram, fitness now overrides fashion. Fitness inspiration and health is what we’re all looking to now.”

Pip Edwards, General Pants
Pip wears → Insight black jacket

How many pairs of trainers do you own?

“I have a massive trainer problem – I must have about 30 pairs. I even have the ones you have on [pointing at Rachel’s Adidas by Stella McCartney trainers]. I have so many that sometimes I forget I have them until I see someone else in them. But they’re all for different things: I’ve got serious training ones; then fashion pairs from Miu Miu, Chanel and Isabel Marant; then every day ones like Vans and adidas. My black Chanel trainers are even great at night.”

Pip Edwards, general pants
Pip wears → her own Chanel sneakers

Do you have a favourite fitness fashion brand?

“I live in THE UPSIDE. They’ve managed to nail fashion and the performance together. No one looks at me strangely if I walk into work with yoga pants on by THE UPSIDE because it’s still fashionable. I love the brand ethos and the Be You campaign acknowledging that it doesn’t matter how perfect you are, how beautiful you are, you are still just you. It’s called neofeminism.”

Pip Edwards, General Pants
Pip wears → Wrangler tank top, The Upside tights and crop top and Nike trainers

Any other go-to workout wear brands you love?

“I really love 2XU and Skins. They’re quality and tech and everything about them is awesome. They don’t have to look fashionable – I go to them for technicality, then mix it back with a retro kind of wrangler top, so it kind of balances it out. Obviously, Nike is important for sportswear. Body Science is awesome, too.”

What’s the thought process behind General Pants Co.’s new Athleisure section?

“It’s all about is being comfortable, functionable and fashionable. Whether you’re 16 or 35, you’re busy with lots going, so you want clothes that are going to get you through your day, but still look cool and trendy at the same time? That’s athleisure wear for me. We’ve got THE UPSIDE, Ksubi, Stussy, Nicce in store now, with another cool brand I can’t mention yet coming soon. Even Wrangler is doing a cute athleisure package.”

Pip Edwards, General Pants
Pip wears → Wrangler crop top and track pants

Any plans to design your own luxe sports range?

“Ahh, you never know. Watch this space.”

What ‘fitspo’ is guaranteed to get you motivated?

(Laughing) “It helps with your best friend is majorly into fitness and you need to lie next to her at the beach. That’s a huge motivation. [Pip is speaking of Leah Simmons, a DJ and Pilates instructor.] She’s the one that got me into Pilates.”

What’s one health wisdom you really want to pass down Justice?

“Each of us knows what works best and what makes us feel good. Listen to your own body more than anything.”


Yoga or Pilates? PILATES

Meditation or a run? RUN

Coffee v juice? COFFEE

Pool lounging or SUP holiday? BOTH

Fake tan or sun? FAKE TAN

Trainers or heels? TRAINERS

Bikini or one-piece? BIKINI

Tights or tracksuit? TIGHTS

Cocktail date or breakfast date? COCKTAIL DATE

Personal trainer or class? CLASS


Socks or no socks? NO SOCKS



Party or DVD? PARTY!!!

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Rachel Sharp
As the only media identity in Australia to have edited both luxury fashion and fitness magazines, award-winning journalist Rachel Sharp has worked in Sydney, London and Dubai, holding the position of editor on titles including Harper’s BAZAAR and GRAZIA. In 2012, she successfully launched the Australian edition of Women’s Fitness magazine, which scooped Launch of the Year at the 2013 Publishers Australia Excellence Awards. Equal parts fashion-obsessed and fitness enthusiast, Rachel – who grew up in the idyllic beach town of Port Macquarie and is mum to two young children – holds a Bachelors degree in Medical Science and Masters in Writing for Media. Despite the fact she absolutely loves what she does for a living, Rachel would still rather be surfing or snowboarding than at her computer. Carpe diem!