Stylerunner’s CEO Just Launched Her Own Athleisure Label And It’s LIT

Julie Stevanja just dropped New Guard. Trust us, check it out.

New Guard Athleisure
Image: New Guard Debut Collection

Earlier this week, on a rooftop basketball court with pink picnic tables, Mary’s burgers and a DJ, Julie Stevanja launched New Guard, her very own athleisure label that can only be described as LIT.

If you know or follow (read: stalk) Julie, it’s not surprising that her first ever collection is effortlessly cool. It’s basically an extension of her sporty-chic style—think drop crotch track pants, printed tees and bold embroidered bomber jackets. Comprising 17 pieces in velour and milled jersey fabrics, the capsule collection is luxury loungewear at its best. It’s got cropped pullovers with bell sleeves, long-line sweaters with a lace-up back and our personal favourite—and Julie’s, too—a varsity bomber with New Guard insignia.

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As for the colour palette, it’s coming in soft blush, khaki and charcoal—in other words, staple hues that offer a bit more than basic black. And unlike other fashionable tracksuits (hint, hint: Dion), New Guard’s line is accessible, with prices ranging from AU$59 – $199.

While it’s easy-to-wear, the range is far from boring. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. According to Julie, the New Guard customer is “strong, confident and stylish,” a sentiment very much reflected in the collection, that’s reinvented classic styles to make a statement.

At the moment, New Guard is stocked exclusively on Stylerunner (no shocker there) but who knows what’s to come. “New Guard is the first of many exciting things we have planned for Stylerunner,” Julie told us. “It’s all pretty top secret at the moment but there are definitely some big things in the pipeline!”

Window shop below or jump over to for the full collection.