Supermodel Jess Hart’s natural beauty routine  

Jess Hart, natural beauty, model

There’s a reason Jess Hart is a wildly successful international model: she’s as stunning as she is hard-working! But it’s her realistic, all-natural approach to health, beauty and what really matters in life that we can really relate to. Here, the founder of paraben- and mineral-free makeup range LUMA Cosmetics, shares her beauty routines, philosophy and what the word ‘beautiful’ really means to her…

Jess Hart’s Beauty Advice

My beauty routineJess Hart, natural beauty, model

“It’s very simple – I’m quite low maintenance! I always use an SPF during the day, moisturise morning and night, and drink lots and lots of water. But I do love to shade and highlight my face.

My health routine

“I like to squeeze in exercise first thing in the morning, so then it’s done and I feel good and guilt-free for the rest of the day. I’m not overly into smoothies and juices – but I just try to eat well as much as I can.”

Why natural matters

“My beauty philosophy is very much-less-is-more. ‘Keep all things natural’ is something that has been instilled in me by my mother since I was a little girl.

“When I decided to create LUMA Cosmetics, it only made sense to create a makeup line that enhances a woman’s natural beauty, rather than covers it up. I wanted to make sure that all the products were as natural as possible: no parabens, no mineral oils and most importantly not tested on animals.”

My fave makeup

“I was so determined to make [for LUMA] a highlighter that was shimmery but not glittery, glowing but not too pink and it had to be totally untraceable on the skin. We created the Illuminating Highlighter, which is exactly that. It can be used to highlight different areas of your face. I apply mine to my brow bones, cheekbones and even upper lip.”

Ageing beautifully

“Beauty to me is a feeling and an attitude. Confidence is a beautiful. I believe, that beauty comes from within – someone physically beautiful won’t be beautiful for very long. I have this weird theory that an older women who has aged gracefully and still looks stunning and soft at 70 must have been a really good person… whether it’s true or not, it’s something to live by!”