Swimwear styles you’ll love!

Bianca Cheah

It’s summer and what girl doesn’t want a million bikinis in her wardrobe to choose from right? Well I do. And just like the rest of the world it seems we’re all taking some bikini inspiration from the stunning Tash Oakley from a Bikini A Day. Just check her website out and you’ll understand.

Just recently I was up in Northern NSW visiting my family and as always I managed to pin down my sister for a few photo shoots. In return I gave her a few private yoga lessons. Sisterly love at its peak hahahaha. Seriously, there’s no one who knows me better and Chantel’s style really resonates with me. She’s a brilliant photographer and I highly recommend her!

Just quickly, as I’m super busy planning my LA trip for next week (eeekkkk so much to prep), I thought I would show you a few of my favorite swimwear outfits I’m loving at the moment! I’m pretty fussy with my swimwear. Usually I prefer bikinis with Brazilian style bottoms and triangles for tops that sit low on the hips. I feel these are more flattering to my figure. Anyway, as I said these are my top picks of the moment for my yoga on the beach. Super stylish active swimwear!

So, keep watching this space as I’ll see you in LA next week!


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