Tattoo skincare, apparently this is a thing?!

Mens Grooming

These days it’s not uncommon for guys to have as many products in their bathroom cabinets as women. But have these new grooming trends taken man maintenance too far? You be the judge.

Tattoo skincare. Yes, this really is a thing!

mens grooming BRUT


Tattoo Builder, $10.74 and Tattoo Guard, $12.90

It seems like every second person now has a tattoo. Actually, that’s a slight exaggeration, the real stat is one in every four Aussies is inked. However, just because more of us are getting tatts does that mean there’s a need for tattoo specific skincare? BRUT thinks so.

We all know the benefits of wearing a good sunscreen but the 50+ Tattoo Guard from BRUT claims to help maintain the colour, shape and definition of your body art. The jury is still out about how different it is from regular sunscreen, but the packaging design by Sydney tattoo artist, Joe Kintz will look sweet in your bathroom! BRUT have also developed a Tattoo Builder that’s said to help with the healing process of new tatts, fight off infection and soothe irritated skin.

MUD mens skincare

Good Clean

Mud, approx. $16

Would you use mud and beer as soap? There’s no denying most men like to get down and dirty but who would’ve thought that rubbing mud all over yourself would make you clean? Made with bentonite clay, essential oils and citrus, this Good Clean Mud will remove grime the natural way.  

Mens grooming soap

Redbeard Woodsman’s

India Pale Ale Brew Bar, approx. $9

Ever dreamed of bathing in beer? Now you can. Well, almost. This ‘brew bar’ has combines pale ale with rosemary and cedarwood with a few other manly ingredients. However, perhaps it’s best to save this one for weekends so you don’t go to work smelling like a brewery!

Mens grooming shave


Caffeinated Shaving Stuff, approx. $12

A morning coffee for you face!

Sometimes that morning run and cup of coffee aren’t enough to wake you up. This caffeinated shaving cream and moisturiser claims may just provide an extra pick-me-up to your morning routine.

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