Team POPSUGAR reveal their best-ever health and fitness secrets!

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Working at leading lifestyle website POPSUGAR Australia means staying on top of the latest wellness news and trends for Alison Rice and Carina Rossi. We asked them to give us the scoop on how they stay fit and healthy.

Alison Rice, acting publisher, POPSUGAR Australia

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How do you nourish your body?

As much as I love to eat delicious food topped with yummy sauces and spices, the reality is I eat pretty simply. I stick to fish or chicken and vegetables, boiled eggs, quinoa, strawberries and dates with almond spread inside. My body looks and feels its best when I eat these foods, so for ease, I stick to this Monday to Friday. On weekends, bring me all of the food! I like to think I’m a living and breathing example of the 80/20 rule.

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Best-ever health secrets you swear by?

Have dinner for breakfast. I always feel really bloated and sleepy after eating bread, oats and other traditional breakfasts. So instead, I eat dinner for breakfast. It’s usually a small portion of grilled salmon and bok choy or chicken and green beans. I just make extra the night before. Hello flat tummy!

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Also, on advice from the Base Body Babes I let go of my daily soy latte and replaced it with a long black with a dash of, wait for it, full cream milk! I thought my body would spaz out because I get bad cramps from too much full cream dairy, but nothing happened except I stopped looking so bloated. I also shed weight from my bum and thighs more with a combination of no soy, a high protein diet and regular workouts. Gosh, I wish there was a magic or more exciting solution but those three things actually work.

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How do you stay healthy with such a busy schedule?

Every day is a struggle, especially working for a website that breaks news 24/7! I think that’s the most important thing here – acknowledging that as ambitious women, we have to work just as hard at staying fit and healthy as we do in the office. I hate waking up early but it’s the only time of day I know I have 30 mins free to workout. And that’s all it takes. I do a 2km soft sand run every morning, followed by some fast squatting, push ups, a plank and maybe some bicycle crunches if I’m feeling energetic. All of that sounds like a lot but it literally takes me 30 minutes. I find Beyonce’s Grown Woman is a particularly good squatting track! My advice would be to find your pocket of time and commit. I make my husband push me out of bed which I think he’s started to take a little too seriously. Oh well, it works!

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Any health trends you can tell us about?

I’m hoping cold drip coffee takes off and becomes more readily available. Cold drip coffee is very smooth and less acidic than heat-extracted coffee. The guys at Orchard St in North Bondi mix it with all kinds of delightful things like cacao, spices and cold-pressed nut milks. Better than dessert and you can drink it straight away. No more cautious sipping for fear of mouth burn.

Carina Rossi, health and fitness editor, POPSUGAR Australia

Popsugar Carina

How do you stay fit?

I treat myself to two to three Pilates reformer classes a week, I go to boxing one night a week and on every other day I try to go for a run. Recently, I’ve added Hypoxi to my weekly routine, I’m seeing results after only a couple of weeks so I’ll definitely keep doing this for a little longer.

Most challenging workout you’ve ever done?

Tabata workouts, 20 seconds of activity followed but a 10 second rest period, are such a good way to get your cardio in. It’s also a great way to get those dreaded burpees, step-ups, dips, sprints (and any other exercises you absolutely hate) out of the way in a short amount of time. If someone told me to do 50 burpees in one go I would probably cry and think of any excuse to avoid doing them, but if I’m given the option to do 50 in a Tabata session, I’d be able to do it without the tears.

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Fave active wear labels?

I love incorporating Adidas Originals into my workout. And more recently I’m also kind of obsessed with the new Country Road ACTIVE range – I love the colours and its sportluxe vibe. There are so many cool pieces around, it’s practically impossible not to look stylish while working out these days!

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Gym bag essentials?

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I always keep a towel, Lanolips to stop my lips from drying out, sunscreen just in case the workout moves outdoors and water, of course!

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