Team Sporteluxe Edit: kick-starter songs that fuel our workouts

At Sporteluxe HQ, we believe that music can make or break a workout. So if you’re in need of a music refresh, we’ve each shared the one song that’s guaranteed to get us moving, even when we feel lethargic, lazy or like giving up. What’s yours? Please do post your go-to energiser song on our Facebook page and we’ll work toward putting them all together on a Spotify playlist soon.

Here are our favourite workout songs that get us moving!

Melanie’s pick:

Melanie Davis

 Touch The Sky by Kanye West

“I’ve always been a sucker for Kanye’s music as it has such a good beat, brings back great memories and makes me want to dance. I listen to Touch The Sky every time I run and it always gives me that extra push I need to go that little bit further!”

Bianca’s pick:

Bianca Cheah

Wicked Games by Parra for Cuva ft. Anna Naklab

“Wicked Games is the best track to fight workout boredom and keeps me moving, even when I start to feel tired and achy.”

Rachel’s pick:

Rachel Sharp, Editor Sporteluxe

When Love Takes Over by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland

“This is one of my fave ‘happy’ songs. It’s totally commercial, but it’s got a hugely catchy beat and the words are so positive. I literally lift onto my toes and break out into a smile when I hear it, which is the best way to put wind back into my workout sails when I’m flagging.”

Emily’s pick:

emily waight

Single Ladies by Beyonce

“Queen B does not disappoint with this powerful and super-fun track. Whether I wanted to run a little faster or peddle a little harder, this song inspires me to keep going and sometimes bust a dance move.”

Emilie’s pick:

Emilie Sharp

Opposite of Adults by Chiddy Bang

“I think this song has superpowers! I’m always pumped when it comes on and the beat motivates me to keep pushing my body to the limit.”

Olivia’s pick:

Olivia Boyd

Can’t Feel My Face by The Weekend

“This latest track by the Weekend is my go-to song and is guaranteed to put me in a great mood whether I’ve had a stressful week or am in the middle of a hard sweat session.”

Georgia’s pick:

Georgia Pretty

High by Peking Duk ft. Nicole Millar

“When my motivation’s lagging, this song’s face-paced tempo and empowered lyrics are my workout fuel.”