The 3 moves that will tone your waist

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Do you have a little extra padding around the middle? Love handles are one of the toughest areas to trim into shape, but there are tricks to tighten your waistline. The key to losing those love handles for good is clean eating and lots of energy expenditure. So I’m sharing my top three exercises to maximize calorie burn and get your abs working hard so you can rock those skinny jeans.

3 easy moves to get rid of love handles 

You can set this up as a circuit. Do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds before doing the next exercise, repeat each exercise 4 times

Plank Knee Touch

Plank Knee Touch

Start on your toes and hands in a high plank position. Touch your right hand to left knee as you bring your knee in towards your chest. Focus on keeping a neural level spine. Alternate continuously.

Bear Crawl

Bear Crawl

Start in high plank position slowly walk your hands and feet forward 3 paces, then move back 3 paces. The key is to keep your hips low and alternate foot and hand work in synchronisation.

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plank, break dancer

Break Dancer

Start in a high plank position. Take one hand off the ground, and rotating your torso towards the raised arm. Finish the position with your arm vertical to the ground while keeping both your feet in contact with the surface and not allowing your hips to sag. Return to the starting position and transition to your other arm.

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