The ab workout fitness pros swear by

The key to achieving (and maintaining) a flat stomach (like our favourite swim blogger Tash Oakley) is consistently performing full body resistance training circuits two to three times a week and high-intensity interval training twice a week. Clean eating is also essential to minimise excess body fat. To further enhance your results (and your abs) try this five exercise ‘Abdominal Assault’ circuit. It’s a great way your finish off your resistance training or high-intensity interval sessions. When done consistently, this circuit will help you achieve that little extra definition, which makes all the difference!

The ab workout

Abdominal Assault Circuit (repeat three times)

Prone oblique crossovers x 20

Starting in plank, weight forward over your hands, bring you opposite knee up to softly touch your elbow. Make sure you keep your spine long and straight. Repeat with other leg.

Abs post 1

Bicycle crunch x 30

Lie on your back, with your knees bent in feet in the air. Crunch you elbow across to your opposite knee, while lengthening you other leg out to touch your heel on the ground. Alternate sides.

Ab post 2

Mountain climbers x 30

Start in a plank position. Step your left foot up next to left hand. Then, in smooth jumping motions, swap your feet so that your right foot is next to your right hand and your left foot is back where it would be for plank. Do this as fast as you can, up to 30 times, without letting your butt stick up too high.

Ab mountain climbers

Alternate six inch toe touch x 20

Lay flat on your back with your legs straight and your arms out over your head. Now lift both of your feet a few inches off the ground. This is your starting point. From here lift your right leg. When it is straight up crunch up and touch your toes with both hands. Extend out and repeat with the other leg.

Ab story 5

Sprint for 30 seconds

You can do other high-intensity efforts, but sprinting is best for your abs!

Abs post 6


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Neil Russell
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