The All-Natural Ingredients Creating A Buzz In Beauty

They'll do wonders for your hair and skin.

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Bee venom! Snail slime! Dragon’s blood! Salmon egg enzymes! Yep, there are plenty of crazy ingredients found in cosmetics and skincare. Whether they actually live up to the hype is debatable, but we’re fans of trying anything at least once in the name of beauty. Which is why we have rounded up the the latest ingredients creating a buzz in beauty.

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Tamanu is a go-to ingredient in many hair and skin products thanks to its antimicrobial, protection and moisturising properties. Find it in Aveda’s Pramāsana Protective Scalp Concentrate.

2Birch Juice

Besides being ingested as a drink, birch juice has also been popping up as an ingredient in beauty products because of its richness in proteins and antioxidants. MÁDARA uses birch sap to replace water in their anti-aging skin care and SeaRX includes it in their moisturising lotion. 

3Rhassoul Clay

Known for its brightening and balancing benefits, rhassoul clay is great for oily and combination skin. Josie Maran’s Whipped Mud Mask harnesses it to nourish, clarify, firm, and refine.

4Red Ginseng Root

Red ginseng has been a staple in Korean skincare for years. But, the Western beauty industry is only just starting to take notice of its anti-aging, skin-perfecting properties. You can find it in Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream.

5Nilotica balm

Nilotica balm is a pure, nut-based oil that’s a rare type of shea butter. It’s jam-packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids, and when applied to the skin it can hydrate and smooth visible imperfections. That’s why it’s a key ingredient in LXMI’s Pure Nilotica Melt Nourishing Balm-to-Oil. 

Manuka honey is the multitasking natural skincare ingredient of your dreams. Not only does its antiseptic properties kill acne, but it can fight aging too. Here’s where to get your hands on the sweet stuff.