Meet the new Apple Watch!

“The most advanced timepiece ever created.” That’s how Apple CEO Tim Cook described the highly anticipated Apple Watch at the company’s Spring Forward launch in San Francisco this morning. Tech heads, watch lovers and Apple devotees will be happy to hear the watch they’ve been waiting for now finally has an on-sale date: April 24. Apple Watches will also be available for try-on appointments in store and online pre-order from April 10.

Sporteluxe flew over to California to get up close and personal with the Apple Watch at the launch. Unfortunately, we had to give the Apple Watch back after trying out all its bells and whistles. So we’ll just have to wait until April 24 to get our hands on one like everybody else. In the meantime, here are four reasons why we think you’ll be wanting an Apple Watch as soon as they go on the market!

1) It does everything

Well, almost! Think of the Apple Watch as a mix of all your fave iPhone functionalities and an amazing health tracker and you’ll have an idea. Linked to your phone it allows you to receive messages and all manner of notifications (thanks to a subtle tapping sensation on your wrist) and make and receive calls even when your phone is charging in another area  of your house. The  cool Digital Touch element allows you to send a sketch, or even the rhythm of your own heartbeat, to someone special. Not to mention the million other things we rely on our iPhones for these days.

2) It suits everybody’s unique style

The Apple Watch is all about customisation and individual style baby! First there are three different ranges to choose from: the aluminium Apple Watch Sport (from $499), the stainless steel Apple Watch (from $799) and the 18-carat gold Apple Watch Edition (from $14,000). Once you have settled on your style (and colour) of choice you can also customise your Apple Watch by changing your watch face. How cool is that? As an aside note, we were also seriously impressed by how easily the links in the band of the Apple Watch style snapped in and out. No more going to the jeweller to change the size of your watch band!

3) The fitness factor

Iconic supermodel and fitness devotee Christy Turlington also took to the stage in San Francisco this morning to talk about her experience with the Apple Watch. Christy explained how she wore the Apple Watch while running the Kilamanjaro half-marathon recently to raise awareness for her charity Every Mother Counts. Indeed, as Tim explained Christy is the first person in the world to run a half marathon with an Apple Watch. She’s now in training for the London Marathon with her Apple Watch as well. However, you don’t need to be a runner to benefit from the health and fitness tracking capabilities of the Apple Watch. At a glance it will give you a snapshot of your activity by visually displaying your calories burned, levels of brisk activity and how much you’ve been sitting. It even gives you a reminder to stand up and walk around when you’ve been sitting too long. It can also give you detailed accounts of whatever your workout of choice and personalises goals and rewards to keep you motivated. As Christy says, “it’s motivation not just for training but for everyday things.”

4) Because it’s created by Apple 

C’mon let’s just be totally honest here! Apple Watch is the first totally new device that the tech giant has unveiled since Steve Jobs passed away four years ago. And if there is one thing that Apple know how to do it’s make must have products everyone wants to have!

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