The best fitness and diet advice you’ll ever read!

Kirsty Godso, NIke Master Trainer, NTC

“The most rewarding part of my job is definitely helping people on their fitness journey,” says Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso. “I love watching people progress with their fitness!” With the countdown to N+TC Tour Sydney officially on we asked Kirsty to answer some of your trickiest exercise and food questions! Here’s the fitness and diet advice she dished out!

I would love to know what food you recommend post-workout?

I like to have a protein shake post-workout to replenish my muscles. So I suggest having a protein shake first and then half an hour later eat some good quality protein such as chicken, fish or eggs. 

There are so many great N+TC workouts available! Which are your favourites? 

My absolute favourite Nike+ Training Club workout is Get Lean Advanced total body sculpting! It is really challenging!

Kirsty Godso, Bec WilcockWhenever I train with weights regularly I find I gain too muscle on my arms but they don’t get smaller. And if I stop training they become untoned. Do you have any advice for toning arms without bulking up? 

Weight training shouldn’t make your arms bigger if it is done in the right number of repetitions. Bodyweight exercises and correct use of weights will help to tone the muscles in your arms and make you a lot stronger. My favourite exercise to give really great definition to the arms and back are pull-ups!

I’m trying to get back into running. I haven’t done it regularly for a while and am feeling unfit. How many times a week should I be pushing myself to go for a run? 

The key thing here is to not go in too hot! Try and ease yourself back into your running and gradually increase the durations. Start with a couple of shorter runs a week then take it up to three runs and then increase the duration. The worst thing you can do is try and do too much at the start!

What do you think is the most important thing to start doing post-baby to build back your core strength? 

You need to ease into the core work and be careful with the muscles. Try leg lowers, where you take your knees above the hips and lower your legs at a 90 degree angle taking your toes towards the floor. This is great way to work on strengthening your lower abdominals!

Green juice

Do you have any tips for building up running endurance? How can I go from doing five to 10 km runs to running half-marathons? 

Try and bring some interval and weight training into your schedule! This will help improve your leg strength and cardiovascular endurance.

What is your favourite smoothie or juice? 

I love a good green juice or smoothie in the morning! Mine usually contains spinach, kale, coconut and almond milk.

I workout everyday but I think my diet is what’s letting me down. Any advice on how to overhaul it? 

Try and look at how many processed foods are in your diet. Changing your eating makes such a big difference! Try and eat foods that are close to their natural source as possible. Think good proteins and good fats such as avocados and nuts etc.

Pull upYour abs are amazing! Any tips on how to achieve them apart from doing 1000 sit-ups? 

Thank you! Actually, full body exercises such as pull-ups and front weight squats are much better for working your abs than targeted ab exercises!

Do you have any adivce for fitting in solid workouts and managing a full university work load at the same time? 

Try and make time around your uni schedule by using training to break your day up. It will help keep your mind fresh too!

What is the best stretch for tight hips?

Pigeon pose is a great hip release!


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