The biggest food trends of 2015

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Stay ahead of the curve, we’ve tapped into the Food Trends that are set to take over.

Hybrid Veggies

New fangled veggies are the new kids on the block for 2015! Think kalette- a cross between kale and Brussels sprouts, a Broccoflower- a cross between broccoli and cauliflower. These cross-bread greens are set to make their ways to your supermarkets shelves- and your salads!

Oil Extravaganza

This year, kitchens are going to be stocked full of oils extracted from avocados, pumpkin seeds and coconut. All of these oils do things our old favourite Olive oil simply cannot- they’re able to stand up to higher heat settings and add more flavoursome kicks for baking and sautéing.

Food trends coconut oil
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Fermented foods

The new golden girl- Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), Kefir (cultured milk product), Kombucha (fermented tea) and kimchee (fermented vegetables). These naturally fermented foods are amazing digestion aiders, helping to expel toxins, which in turn boosts energy levels and can help clear up any skin issues.

Up your meat game

Think outside the aged Beef square, its time to get your groove on! Wild meat such as Kangaroo, wallaby and goat. These wild and protein packed meats are set to become de rigueur both in top restaurants and in your home.

Maple Water

Move on over Coconut water, this new super drink is set to become the hottest liquid food trend of 2015. The sap of the maple tree is being touted around town with claims of various health and dietary benefits. We won’t ditch our coco just yet, but it’s a welcome wellness addition!

Food trends maple water
Our Pick → Drink Maple

Bone broth

The enthusiasm and hype behind bone broth is set to reach boiling point! This wellness beverage boasts numerous health benefits- rich in protein, magnesium, calcium and gelatinE. The ultimate winter saviour to keep your health in check, whilst deeply nourishing your skin and hair.

Matcha Tea

Made from dried leaves of green tea ground into a powder form- Matcha is powerful stuff! Move over morning coffee kick (big call, we know) Matcha will be popping up at Coffee shops and health food stores around you.

Food trends matcha maiden
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