The day I wore ‘leather pants’ to yoga class

I’ll never forget the day I had complete strangers walk up to me after a Vinyasa yoga class at Flow Athletic and ask me how I’d managed to do it in leather pants! Truth is they weren’t leather, but from a range of amazing workout wear that looks just like it (and is far comfier than leather too).
Bodyism shiny tightsThey were, in fact a pair of I Am Shiny Panelled Stretch-Jersey Leggings that I had been gifted. As soon as I pulled them out of the packaging, I thought “ohhh leather tights, these are way too nice to wear for exercise”.

I was so in need of a pair of classic leather pants, but I always found the regular fashion variety too long. These Bodyism ones actually fitted my short little legs perfectly, and soon became the new staple pants I wore constantly with a denim jacket, flats and white T-shirt. Little did anyone suspect they were actually workout gear.

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I put those leather lookalike pants to very good (and regular) use, but the day I finally busted them out in a yoga class to see how they actually performed, I was greeted by half the class touching and pulling at my ‘leather’ yoga tights.

Nobody could believe they were stretch fabric, and off the record, most were keen to buy them just to wear out at night as I’d been doing.

So there I was post yoga class with phones flashing me and pens scribbling the brand name on bits of paper. I don’t think I’ve ever had that much attention in my life (well, certainly, my legs hadn’t – thanks Bodyism!). Since then, these look alike leather yoga pants, have become a fashion cult item far beyond my yoga circles.

So I guess you want to know where to buy them from? Just head here!

Bianca Cheah, leather pantsBianca Cheah, leather pantsBianca Cheah, leather pants