The exercises we love to hate (and why they’re great for us)!

Video by Chloe Morello

Team Sporteluxe is now into week five of our eight week N+TC Tour Sydney training journey. As part of this week’s training session with Nike Master Trainer Greg Sellar, we were challenged to embrace the exercises we love to hate. We also asked Greg to give us the lowdown on why our least fave exercises are so great for us and share some tips to help you can perfect your training technique at home.

Bianca CheahBianca Cheah

Sporteluxe Founder and Creative Director

Least favourite part of training: running

“Running is a high endurance exercise that provides good lower body muscular endurance and fantastic cardio benefits,” says Greg.

Greg’s tips to help you perfect your running technique

  • Have your arms comfortably in front of you around the height of your rib cage.
  • Land through the ball of your foot or on the flat of your foot. Don’t land on your heel.
  • Contract your abs as you run for a great core workout moving through the action

Sarah RanawakeSarah Ranawake

Sporteluxe Partner and Editorial Director

Least favourite part of training: push ups

“Push ups are great for building upper body strength and sculpting the muscles of the arms,” says Greg.

Greg’s tips to help you perfect your push up technique

  • Place your hands at chest height on the ground and push up from there.
  • When you lower, aim to have the midline of your chest fall in between your hands.
  • Your nose should finish out in front of your hands.

Melanie DavisMelanie Davis

Sporteluxe Graphic Designer

Least favourite part of training: mountain climbers

“Mountain climbers are a great exercise to work your core actively,” says Greg. “As you move your legs in and out in a piston action your core is working to hold the plank position. It’s also a great cardio exercise.”

Greg’s tips to help you perfect your mountain climber technique 

  • Your shoulders should be stacked directly over your wrists and elbows,
  • Hold your strong core in a plank position.
  • Tap or run the knees in towards the elbows keeping the hips in line with the rest of the body.

Emilie Sharp

Emilie Sharp

Sporteluxe Health, Lifestyle & Fitness Writer

Least favourite part of training: burpees

“Burpees are one of the best full body exercises you can do,” says Greg. “They work the legs, shoulders and core as well as giving you a great heart rate boost.”

Greg’s tips to help you perfect your burpee technique 

  • Jump back into a plank from a standing position.
  • Maintain a neutral back position. Don’t allow your hips to sag.
  • Jump in close to your hands and spring up to standing.


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