The gym hair tie that I’m loving at the moment!

Bianca Cheah
Photography by Chris Lew.

Have you ever had a bad hair day at the gym? For me nothing feels more off putting when I’m all sweaty mid-workout and my ponytail starts to slide down. Annoying, right? Then it starts to bounce up and down. Arghhhh, major interruption to my workout! Not to mention that it halts that awesome flow that I get when I’m in my zone of training. I’m sure anyone with long hair has had this experience.

So, the last few weeks I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect hair tie that wont slip out. After trialling a few brands during my TRX and yoga workouts, the brand that I seem to always be throwing my hair back with at the moment is the Scunci ACTIVE No Damage Elastics. A great little hair tie that likes to stay put. I’m also one of those girls who pulls the hair tie straight out from my pony tail. Naughty, because it’s not good for your hair, but I’m impatient! But you know what? This hair tie just slides straight on out. No damage done!

So, if you’re feeling this story too, I can honestly recommend the Scunci Hair Ties. A great little workout elastic!