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Hippie Lane, Hippie Lane App, Taline Gabriel, raw mint slice, health food

We love a bit of healthy hedonism here at Sporteluxe HQ so we were super excited when we heard one of our favourite vegan treat companies, Hippie Lane has just launched a recipe app! We chatted to Taline Gabriel of Hippie Lane to find out a little more about the app and how easy it is to channel your inner Masterchef and whip up some sweet treats at home.

“The app was created purely out of demand,” says Taline. “I was sharing photos of the healthy treats that I was making for my family and for our cafes on social media and there was a real interest and demand for the recipes.” Rather than create a blog, Taline thought a recipe app was the way to go. “It’s affordable, easy-to-use and visually appealing,” she says. If you’re not thinking of entering My Kitchen Rules in the near future, don’t despair. Taline assures us “the recipes are super easy to follow and appeal to beginners and pros alike…The app features hip video demos where you can see me make the recipes with some cool tunes and steps written in text.” Sounds good to us!

There are 50 recipes to choose from, all of which include drool worthy photos, a description of the treat as well as a list of health tags such as gluten free, raw, refined sugar free and dairy free. The Hippie Lane App also features a favourites bar where you can gather your fave recipes to re-visit them down the line and a shopping list feature where you can note down the ingredients of the treats you’d like to make.

The app is available on iPhone for $4.99 and will be coming to Android very soon.

Hippie Lane, Hippie Lane App, Taline Gabriel, health food          Hippie Lane, Hippie Lane App, Taline Gabriel, health food, raw treats, vegan

Hippie Lane, Hippie Lane App, Taline Gabriel, health food, raw treats, vegan          Hippie Lane, Hippie Lane App, Taline Gabriel, health food, raw treats, vegan

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