The latest fitness craze, Ballet Barre

BARRE 3 feature 2Get this, a one hour session of Barre3 which combines yoga, pilates and ballet barre can burn up to 600 calories! That’s seriously impressive. Beats my 500 calories that I burn in a one hour run with my aching shin splints and hip flexors. Barre3 which was founded in the USA by Sadie Lincoln in 2008, is a wonderful workout of dynamic movement and isometric holds that follows a sequence for fast body shaping results and long-term postural benefits. It’s the perfect workout for someone looking to benefit from the strength of an athlete with the grace of a dancer. The Barre3 method works on lengthening and strengthening the entire body allowing you to combine the wisdom of yoga and the strength of pilates for a more energetic and positive you.

Sounds like the perfect workout for you? Hard Candy Fitness at 48 Druitt St, Sydney have just launched these incredible classes and are offering a 10 pass for $100 and $250 for non members. Want to find out more? Then head to their website or phone 8088 8888 to reserve a Barre3 spot.

What you’ll need? A pair of toe sock leg warmers from Bloch and a tight fitting pair of tights and top.