The lowdown on the best multi-access fitness passes

When the monotonous pound of your feet on the ‘dread’ mill is making you squirm at the thought of going to the gym, it’s time to shake up your routine.


We all know you need to keep your body guessing in order to get the most out of your training. When workouts become too repetitive, it’s your motivation not your muffin-top that’s the first thing to go.

However this is easier said than done when we have access to one gym membership which offers the same classes and machines day-in and day-out. That is, until now.

The latest trend sweeping the fitness world is multi-access fitness passes, which offer members entrance to a range of different studios and workouts. From SUPing to bike riding, HIIT to Barre, these new memberships offer just about anything that could make you sweat. Good bye treadmill and hello trapeze, fitness is made fun with these new passes and we’re starting to think they’re the way of the future.

New multi-access fitness passes we love

Class Pass



First launched in New York in 2013, Classpass now includes over 7000 exclusive, boutique studios in 36 different countries. Unlike other all-inclusive fitness passes, Classpass is the first to offer members access to both local and international venues, solving the perennial problem of exercising when travelling. In Australia they’ve partnered with a number of top companies including InYoga and Studio PP in Sydney as well as Humming Puppy and Core Candy in Melbourne.

We love:

Classpass also have a personalised mobile app which makes it easy to discover, book and review classes and recommends places based on previous attendance elsewhere.

Body Pass



According to founders, Georgia van Tiel (exercise scientist) and Carla McMillan (yoga teacher), Bodypass was created to break the fitness stigma and make exercise an enjoyable part of everyday life. For this reason, every studio was handpicked by the girls and personally tested by the team to ensure it met the Bodypass philosophy: that exercise should be fun and accessible. With this multi-gym membership you can be at F45 on Monday, 80’s aerobics on Wednesday, RollerFit on Friday and cycling or scaling walls in between. Currently available in Sydney and Melbourne, BodyPass is looking to expand its network to Brisbane and throughout Australia.

We love:

Sporteluxe’s own expert contributor, Libby Babet, chose to partner with this company for both her gym Agoga and outdoor exercise business, Bottoms Up! Fitness. 




Kfit is available in eight different countries across the Asia-Pacific region. It allows members access to a plethora of fitness classes within their city. With 350 partners in Melbourne and over 400 in Sydney, Kfit offers members access to all types of fitness regimes from swimming to martial arts and even outdoor group exercise programs. Kfit also contains an easy-to-use mobile app to search for venues or activites, quickly book classes and review them post-workout.

We love:

Kfit is available in eight different countries across the Asia-Pacific region.

Not sold on these ones? Check out SweatPass or AnyClass if you’re a Sydney-sider for a more localised approach.

Still can’t decide which pass is right for you? All memberships are under $100 and include no lock-in contracts so our advice is to have a look at the studios offered in your area because at the end of the day, the more convenient it is for you, the more you will use it.