The many reasons this new “membership” massage parlour’s worth visiting

THE MASSAGE COLLECTIVE, massage sydneyWouldn’t it be nice to treat yourself to a massage every month?

For most of us, massages are an infrequent indulgence usually redeemed from a birthday gift card or a holiday resort package. And sure, they make us feel glamorous in our pristine white robes and matching slippers, but did you know that remedial massage also has a number of health benefits?

Is this ‘Membership’ to Massage Collective the new must-have?

It has been known to reduce stress, relieve headaches, back strain and muscle pain, reduce fatigue, improve sleep, boost the immune system, increase oxygen flow in your bloodstream, raise mood-elevating brain chemicals, soothe anxiety and depression, and if that’s not enough, there is always the much-needed relaxation benefits.

But just like exercise, massage is more effective if you engage in it regularly and while most of us are happy to fork out the monthly fee for a gym membership and workout every day (well maybe ‘happy’ isn’t the word), we rarely give the same attention to our recovery – that is, until now.

The Massage Collective, which recently opened its doors in Paddington, Sydney, is a new health initiative that offers membership and loyalty programs to clients to encourage more people to integrate regular massage into their health routine.

For $69 per month, members are entitled to one complementary 60-minute massage of their choice along with membership prices for any additional services. Plus, membership is flexible so if life gets busy you can accrue up to three massages, or if you’re feeling generous, you can give a little love and relaxation to a friend.

The Paddington studio is a contemporary retreat unlike any other. Designed by up-and-coming local design group, TomMarkHenry, this unique health spa is a calming, modern take on the traditional massage parlour – no bamboo or rainforest facades in sight. With another due to open in the North Shore, we guarantee you’ll have no trouble returning monthly to these sanctuaries.

The Massage Collective is shaking up the beauty world, providing expert therapists at affordable prices and making this indulgence a little less indulgent. We’re feeling robe-ready, where do we sign up?

Massage collective

FACT: The local design group TomMarkHenry has been gaining widespread attention for its ever-growing portfolio of successful projects. Aside from the Massage Collective, they are the brains behind some of our favourites including Bondi’s Best and The Farm Wholefoods in Potts Point. Contradictory to their name, TomMarkHenry was founded by three talented women: Jade Nottage, Cushla McFadden and Chloe Matters (above). Check out their site for a little interior-inspo and to stay up to date with their progress and Sydney’s latest go-to places, chances are they’re behind them.

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