The menu minefield: what to order at a Mexican restaurant

Navigating the menu at a Mexican restaurant can be tricky. Here are your healthiest options, and some advice about dishes to avoid at all costs!

Go naked with your burritos and fajitas

When it comes to burritos and fajitas your best bet is to make it naked (sans tortilla) and without the rice. That giant tortilla alone is the calorie equivalent of approximately two slices of bread. Have it with rice in the filling and you’d have the equivalent of a quarter loaf of bread in refined carbohydrates!

Good fats from guacamole

Skip the sour cream and opt for the healthy fats and fibre from avocado.

Load up the healthy fillings

Load up on the salad. Then add protein-rich chicken, prawns, steak, beef, pork or beans. Skip the extra rice and leave the sour cream behind.

Fill up on the salads

Fill your shell or plate with extra lettuce, fresh tomato salsa and any other vegetables they’re offering.

Have a healthy bit on the side

A tomato-based soup will fill you up and usually comes with fibre-rich beans. Also reach for BBQ corn on the cob, salads (without cream and cheese) and bean, guacamole or salsa dips.

Get spicy

If you can handle the heat, go for the spicy versions. Hot peppers are thought to boost your metabolism slightly helping you burn off all those tacos!

Avoid at all costs

Anything with cheese sauce or handfuls of cheese, hefty doses of sour cream and large tortillas. Also, dishes with the words ‘grande’, ‘fried’, ‘chimichanga’ or ‘battered’. Skip the sugary frozen margaritas and dessert while you’re at it, too. Churros and custards are loaded with sugar, fat and refined carbohydrates. Just say no!