The Must Have Fixie For Active City Dwellers

Owning a car when you live in the city can be, well just downright frustrating at times. For a start, driving anywhere will take you at least 20 minutes with all the traffic. Then there’s finding a park which can then take another 20 minutes or more. What’s even more frustrating is when dash back to your car to move it and theres that dreaded ticket flapping in the wind under the windscreen wiper! So really is all that effort, time and money worth it? Well thanks to Le Coq Sportif and Chappelli Cycles we can now get around town stylishly with their limited edition Fixie called, ‘The Ultimate Fixie’. For only $499.95, and only five being released at Le Coq Sportif’s Sydney flagship store, this fixie is well worth the investment and time. So channel your inner Roberto Chappelli for a stylish sport chic ride around town.