Train like a tennis pro with this new gadget

Sony smart sensor racquetIt seems there’s a high tech tracker for almost every fitness pursuit these days, but this is the first we’ve seen here at Sporteluxe that’s designed to help you wow people with your amazing tennis skills.

This week, Sony unveiled its new Smart Tennis Sensor, a small cap-like gadget that fits on the end of any racket made recently by Wilson, Prince, HEAD or YONEX. You just unscrew the logo cap and attach the sensor, which uses vibration and sensory technology to record its movement during your game or training stint.

Like most of the tracker watches we’re already used, this pairs with your phone or computer via Bluetooth and links to an app, but what does it record? Everything from the basics, like number of shots, your swing speed and the spin you put on the ball to the impact hot spots the ball connects with on your racket.

Sony tennis Smart SensorWe especially love the live video mode function, which means you can have someone film your shots on your smart phone, then analyse the footage which is linked to the data collected on your racket. The slow motion mode means you’ll never get away with sloppy technique again too. You can even get real time coaching advice from your phone while you’re playing

Sony Tennis Smart SensorAgain, like most running or activity trackers now, you can chart your progress over time on the app, which keeps a record of every tennis stroke you’ve ever attempted with the Sony Tennis Sensor in tow.

The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor, RRP $249 through, Sony Kiosks, Sony Centres and leading sporting outlets.


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