The next must-have app for beauty appointments

While some people may have no problem “letting go” while travelling, for most of us, the up-keep of our physical appearance is just as important in the Himalayan Mountains as when we are at home.

Booking beauty appointments locally and overseas can be a daunting task. I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of nail-biting experiences. From the funny encounters with language barriers to the painful ones with wax, there is always a risk when trying a new salon. That is, until now.

Beauty app, VanidayVaniday, the must-have beauty app

Vaniday, the latest beauty app to hit the wellness world, has revolutionised the way we choose, book and experience beauty treatments by streamlining the process and condensing the options.

The beauty app provides a single platform to search for, well, just about every health treatment you can think of, including spa, hair, massage, aesthetics and even fitness classes. It uses GPS tracking to display salons within a given area and allows you to view individual venues and pricing, and book appointments anywhere, anytime. At the tap of a finger, you can make a booking merely two hours prior to your appointment.

With a strict criteria for affiliation, Vaniday selects only the best salons to ensure they are safe and quality is guaranteed.

“All our salons in Australia are hand-picked for their excellent treatments coupled with their great customer service,” says global Founder and CEO, Maxime Legardez. “In turn the salons can showcase their work, connect with new and existing customers and grow their business.”

Once customers have had their appointment, they’re encouraged to leave feedback which helps future customers make a selection for their chosen therapist and salon. Vaniday has been extremely well received from clients and beauticians alike, proving to make the experience more convenient and enjoyable for both.

Since their first launch in Brazil in March 2015, Vaniday has expanded into the UK, France, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. Since making its way to Australia in July, 500 salons have already signed up, with iconic establishments such as Wild Life Hair and Brad Ngata in the mix.

Set to roll out to a further 11 cities in the next six months, beauty app Vaniday shows no sign of slowing and we have a sneaking suspicion we’ll be joining the click-to-book phenomenon.