3 Days Away With The Nike Team And Qualia Resort!

It was a dream come true. Being flown up to the stunning Hamilton Island Qualia Resort by Nike and to then hang out with the Nike team for 3 days was an experience like no other.

But don’t get me wrong, we were up there to trial all the new seasons products and move with Nike! And move we did! From early morning high intensity interval training, to yoga by the water, bush hiking, walking then to an epic golf course hill run! Sweat, move and stretch as we did, we were able to feel the products on our bodies and on our feet in their element. So here I share with you my Move With Nike journeys pics and hope that you too can see what an incredible experience we all had. Something that we will be talking about for many years to come. Thank you Nike X

Move with Nike


Welcome to Qualia Resort. The beautiful Pebble Beach pool area. Just amazing.


My one on one chat about ways of improving my fitness with Nike Trainer Kirsty Godso.


My favourite part of the trip was where Nike performed gait tests on each of us and fitted the appropriate footwear for our running style and foot shape. I love my new Nike Air Pegasus shoes. The perfect fit for a perfect run.


Hiking up 4km to the top of Passage Peak was an incredible experience for us all. Blue skies and turquoise blue waters that ran for miles and miles. Well worth the hike to see all of this. (Model: Fiona from Women’s Fitness magazine)


What a better place to trial our new Nike shoes!


Here we are trialling our new Nike Studio Wrap Yoga/Pilates shoes. Can you see the little pink slips on our feet? That’s the new Nike Studio Wraps. So comfortable and such a brilliant idea. No more slipping on the mat.


Yes we all were given our own personalized buggy to drive for the three days while we were at Qualia Resort. I love how Nike really went the distance with small details. Having my last name on everything that was given to me just made my time there even more a memorable experience. Thanks Nike!


Nike trainer Kirsty Godso was such an inspiration to us all. Even though I couldn’t walk for three days after this training session with her down at the Qualia Helipad, she still became an inspiration for me to be better and move better.


We were all given a Nike Sports watch each. A great watch that tracks time, distance, calories, elevation and GPS. A must have for any runner.


At last we came to be introduced to the new Nike Free Flyknits that took my barefoot running to a whole new level.


We certainly had fun running in the new Nike Free Flyknits across the Hamilton Island Golf Course. A great shoe for anyone who loves to run barefoot but is looking for more support.


Sadly my three days with Nike has come to an end. Its been fabulous and this trip will for sure be the topic of all conversations for a long time to come. Thank you Nike and Qualia.