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Singapore, say hello to Kate and Paul Organics, a freshly launched site for skincare and beauty products, which aims to educate through its curation of natural, safe and certified organic products. Brands that have made it onto their digital shelves undergo a stringent weeding out process to ensure they are in line with the companies philosophy that they must be safe and efficient, allowing us to take comfort in knowing that we can keep our skin – the body’s largest organ – healthy, strong and youthful.

Seeing as our skins barriers are porous, aside from accidentally ingesting lipstick or inhaling powders, some of what we apply on our skin may inevitably make its way to our bloodstreams. Although absorption does not always mean harm, there are many products around us that contain a cocktail of carcinogenic chemicals, irritants or harmful allergens, making it imperative that we be conscious of the products we are using, to take the time to read labels rather than label claims, and be educated about who we are buying from, and what they stand for.

Kate and Paul organics

With so many new companies emerging, scrutinizing each product we use on a daily can be daunting, but take heart in knowing that Mother Nature has a cure for everything. Some of today’s natural skincare brands can deliver clinically proven results that rival leading cosmeceutical brands in the market. When choosing a brand or skincare line, I like to begin by ensuring they don’t perform any animal testing. The USDA National Organic Program (NOP) is the original true and organic standard for skin care products, so seeing this stamp and reading that a product is paraben free is another helpful plus in my books. Most importantly, understand that the effectiveness of any product can only be determined by your unique skin type. Before making the transition, determine your true skin type and be well on your way to complement your healthy lifestyle with an equally healthy beauty regimen.

Kate and Paul Organics adheres to these values and divides its site according to possible skin concerns and carries exclusive labels like Marie Veronique, the extremely beautiful sheet masks from Orgaid (in sustainable packaging!) and soon, Simplicite. I also love the dedicated section for men.

Expect to see new skin care labels committed to chemical-free, natural and eco-friendly ingredients grace this site, and in the meantime, use the code WELCOME15 for a 15% discount on all products for flawless skin that glows. What better time than for reigning in the New Year!

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Chuinwei Koh
Born and raised in Singapore, Chuinwei attended college and university in Melbourne, Australia. After a stint in the finance sector, she decided to pursue a career in the fashion industry ― first in an esteemed fashion house, then a homegrown luxury retailer, and presently in a multi-label boutique. With an unrelenting determination and belief in all things healthy and in moderation, she watches what she eats, discredits crazy diets and exercises daily; leading family and friends around her to also want to live a holistic lifestyle. As a fitness junkie, Chuinwei is a yogi, runner and has most recently picked up jumping rope. For some time now, she has been blending her own aromatherapy goods and sketching activewear designs ― all in the hopes of being able to start her own ethical consumer goods company one day. She's already got the name picked out.