How to Shape Your Arms According Kirsty Godso

Ever waved goodbye to a friend and then cringed in horror at that jiggle under your arm? Yep it’s called the dreaded bat wings. Nobody wants them and we certainly don’t need them! Luckily we can combat them with a few simple moves that will tighten the arms in no time.

We decided to ask the super fit and gorgeous Nike trainer, Kirsty Godso about how she keeps her arms super toned!

Kirsty: Firstly, it is important to note that we want to focus on shaping the entire arm rather than simply the ‘bat wing’ area. Performing exercises that work our chest, arms and back muscles simultaneously will give a nice overall look and shape to our arms. But for today we will focus on the Croc Row. Next week we will work on the Med Ball Press Up.

The Crow Row Workout: Start with a wide stance with toes slightly turned out on each foot. Place one hand on a bench for support and straighten the arm holding the weight until your back is in a flat position. Brace your abdominals as you row the weight, pulling it up towards your upper rib and feeling the squeeze in between your shoulder blades. Stop when your elbow is in line with your shoulder. Lower the weight back down and repeat 8-10 times then perform exactly the same exercise holding the weight in your other hand. This exercise is great for shaping your bicep and back. Use a heavy weight for this exercise.

Croc Row post 2
Croc Row post

Alternatively, there is an easier option if you are not a member of the gym or if most gym equipment is still foreign to you! The Nike Training Club app has some great arm exercises that will eliminate or prevent bat wings rapidly! A personal favourite is the ‘Get Focussed’ 15 minute workout called ‘Arm Definer’ which incorporates single leg arm curls, medicine ball press ups, tricep press ups, sumo squats with a press and a plank row.  Another favourite NTC workout with a great upper body focus is the Advanced ‘Get Toned’ workout called ‘Body Remix’. I would definitely recommend giving this a go! If you have access to equipment such as dumbbells and medicine balls that is great but if not, no problem! You can still perform most of the exercises by using your bodyweight as resistance.

Working out should be fun and NTC makes it too easy with a great selection of workouts, all accompanied by videos and photos of the moves as well as time count downs to move changes and encouragement when it’s time to dig deep. Make NTC your best friend this summer, your personal trainer, anytime, anywhere. Enjoy! x