The simple trick to boost your exercise performance

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Running with music in your ears makes running so much more fun. And if you’re a morning exerciser, it helps you start your day on a high. However, listening to good music doesn’t just increase our enjoyment of exercise. Research shows that it can actually help boost your athletic performance by up to 15%. It also helps with endurance and perception of pain as you can’t hear any huffing or puffing.

Research shows that different types can boost exercise performance. Ideally you want music that’s not too fast or too slow, ideally around 120-140bpm. Personally, I think you just need to plug into what gets you going! Tunes that pick you up and suit the type of exercise you are doing.

Not only will exercising to music help boost your performance, endurance and mood, studies also show it can promote metabolic efficiency! It doesn’t get much better than that!

So next time you don the runners and head for the track or the gym, don’t forget your headphones and some hot tunes.  Here are my five fave workout songs right now:

Sonnentanz – Klangkarussel

Prayer in C – Robin Schulz and Lillywood remix

Jubel – Klingande

High – Peking Duk

Wake Me Up – Avicci