The story every pregnant woman should read!


Living in wellness – in mind, body and soul – is something I place very high on the priority list. Which is why, once I found out I was pregnant, I put the same amount of care attention into this transformative journey. Having already had a solid foundation of health and wellness, now I can really see that not only is my baby going to be strong and happy but I’m feeling the same way.

Let me share with you a few of my pregnancy support tips that might help you as you embark on this life-changing journey towards motherhood.

1.    Get yourself a team!

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I booked in appointments with my naturopath and osteo.

I don’t believe in the idea that you can eat whatever (junk) you want and the baby will still get everything it needs. You, as the mama, need to be in optimal health to cope with the powerful hormonal changes and also to ensure your baby is getting all the good stuff – without depleting you. Your baby’s DNA is made up of you. Which means what you eat is everything!

So get hooked up with a great naturopath who will advise you on any dietary and supplemental changes you need. Each stage of the pregnancy is different, and you’ll need different things, so check in with them regularly.

When it comes to your body – it’s not just about the growing belly and bubba. So many aches and pains crop up. There’s indigestion, heart burn, back pain and more. A great osteo (or chiro, acupuncturist or masseuse) will help care for your beautiful pregnant body.

2.    Move, nourish, breathe

You might think you’ve got license now to blob out. But in fact it has been proven that women who move gently and regularly throughout pregnancy have calmer births and happier babies. They also bounce back more easily, mentally, emotionally and physically, post-birth.

You should be able to continue your favourite exercise if you were doing so regularly before bub. But remember to modify and adjust. Your body is not the same. It requires a gentler, conscious approach. Try pre-natal yoga, long walks or a barre classes. Ultimately, listen to your body and don’t start a strict new regime.

3.    Visualisations and affirmations

Meditation is my church and it has carried me through many years – healing me on many levels and supporting me day-to-day. Now, my meditation practice has shifted. It’s not about clearing out fears, it’s about connecting with bubba, visualising the positive, beautiful birth I want and affirming myself and this baby daily.

Pregnancy and motherhood is a divine experience. But we must be honest with ourselves – it is also the biggest and most challenging thing many of us will ever do. So support yourself emotionally to transition with as much ease and grace as you can.

What it all boils down to is this. A healthy lifestyle pre-pregnancy will set you up so that once you are pregnant these changes won’t feel so colossal. Then if you can keep the pattern going post-baby you’ll be setting yourself and your child up in wellness for life.

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