toblerone tunnel
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The "Toblerone Tunnel" Is The Latest Unhealthy Body Image Trend Sweeping Instagram

Health experts warn against the dangers of online comparison.

Although Toblerones are usually associated with chocolatey feelings of delight (and a quick dash through Duty Free after an overseas trip), the delicious (and quite innocent) Swiss chocolate bar has become the centre of what has become the latest body image craze sweeping Instagram.
Basically, the term refers to a triangle-shaped gap between the butt and upper thighs—which, if worthy of true ‘Toblerone Tunnel’ status—you would be able to fit a Toblerone bar straight through it.

toblerone tunnel

Yep, just when you thought the world was smarter than the thigh gap, ab crack, rib cage brag (and every other mind-numbing trend that’s come before it).
This “Toblerone Tunnel” thing is absolute BS,” Women’s Health Magazine expert, Jennifer Wider, M.D, told the site. “This is ridiculous, unrealistic, and potentially dangerous.”
“Everyone’s body is different, and promoting this beauty standard that is impossible for most women to attain only leads to poor body image, self-esteem, and potentially stress and depression.”
toblerone tunnel
In saying that, there are two things that we should all be well aware of by now. The first is that Instagram is not real life. The second, is that as Wider has expressed, comparing yourself to the image (and life) of others is grounds for some serious mental health concerns.
With the Instagram world being so distorted and highly-saturated with the use of photo-editing apps that can literally change the shape of your body, more and more health experts are voicing their concerns about implications that may arise from such a false-sense of reality.
toblerone tunnel
“Social media and more specifically Instagram has recently been outed for its negative effects on users’ mental health,” Lysn psychologist Breanna Jayne Sada told Sporteluxe a while back.
“While social media gives people an outlet for self-expression and connecting with others they might not be able to, it also has dangerous implications. It is also ironic that platforms designed to bring people closer together can contribute to and heighten feelings of loneliness and fear of personal failure.”
It’s important to note, however, that there are women out there trying to keep it real—showing off things like post-meal bloat, tummy rolls and embracing stretch marks, which are far more normal than shoving a perfectly good Toblerone in between your legs for no logical reason.
toblerone tunnel
Not sure about you, but we’re not having a bar of it.

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