The ultimate headphones for music lovers!

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As every music aficionado knows there are headphones and then there are headphones. Like a well-cut suit, a fine wine or the perfect little black dress, headphones are not all created equal. However, we think we’ve found a pair of on-ear headphones that represent a perfect mix of style and sound. Say hello to the new BeoPlay H2 by Bang & Olufsen.

A must have accessory for lovers of music, luxury and fashion, the sleek and super flexible BeoPlay H2 offers the ultimate acoustic experience for life on the go. Here, are a few more reasons why we’re obsessed with the new BeoPlay H2!


It has amazing sound quality

BeoPlay H2 features Bang & Olufsen’s famous Signature Sound, a 40mm custom driver and a bass port. All of which is music tech speak for the fact your fave tunes will have amazing clarity and richness. Exactly the way the artists intended their music to be heard!

beoplay black

It is really lightweight

We’re talking a tiny 150 grams. Because the last thing you want is to be weighed down by heavy on-ear headphones. However, the composite material also makes them very strong and wear resistant.


It is so comfortable to wear

From the lambskin covering your ears, to the ergonomic design which means the headphones hang flat around your neck when you’re not listening to music, the BeoPlay H2 illustrates that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. The headband even moulds to the size of your head after you’ve worn them for a few minutes and then later return to its original size when you take them off. How clever is that?!

BEO play white

It is incredibly tech-savvy

The remote and microphone, which sit next to your cheek, mean you can answer calls, change songs or turn up the volume from the cord. Talk about convenient!

Beoplay green

It is seriously stylish

Blurring the line between music and fashion accessory, the BeoPlay H2 is so stylish you’ll want to wear them all day long. And with three hues to choose from (blue, silver and green) we won’t judge you if you buy one of each to match different outfits!

The BeoPlay H2 $279 and available at Bang & Olufsen stores and selected retailers.

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