The ultimate waist-cinching circuit for the bride-to-be

Whether you just got engaged, are in the middle of picking out flower arrangements, or are just weeks away from your wedding day, chances are you’re planning to `amp up your fitness regime before you head down the aisle. This workout will help you tone your abs and waist for a smooth silhouette so you can feel fit and confident on your big day.

Designed by The Biggest Loser’s Tiffiny Hall as part of her 30-day Body Blitz guide for brides-to-be, this simple waist-cinching circuit will not only tighten your stomach, improve the way you move day-to-day (as it helps strengthen your back), but also improves your posture. And what bride doesn’t want that?!

Bride Workout, Tiffany Hall

Try this waist-tightening workout: 

21 x squat bicep curls

50 x medicine ball twists

21 x jumping slip squats

50 x medicine ball twists

21 x medicine ball squat press

50 x medicine ball twists

21 x medicine ball push-ups

TIP: If you are unsure about any of these exercises please consult a health care professional before commencing.

The Big Day Body Blitz, Tiffany Hall

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