The ultimate workout for toned arms!

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Spring is right around the corner which means after covering up in the colder months your arms are going to be on display again soon. If yours are looking a little less toned than you would like after winter this workout is for you! These four exercises are all brilliant for toning your arms.

Do 10 reps of each exercise then rest for two minutes and move onto the next exercise. More advanced? Do two exercises one after the other without resting at a slightly slower tempo. Repeat the whole circuit three times.

Four moves for toned arms

1 Side-to-side push up

Start in a plank position and push up. When you get to the top shift your whole body to the right, so that your left hand is now where your right was. Push up before returning to the left and repeating on the other side.

2 Plank rotations

Start in a plank position and rotate your chest and hips at the same speed so that they face out. Look to the direction you are turning, return to plank and repeat on the opposite side.

3 Up and down planks

Start on your hands in a plank position. Drop down to the elbows one side at a time, making sure your elbow is under your shoulder.

4 Dog under the fence (pictured above)

Love yoga? Try a downward dog to upward dog push aka dog under the fence.

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