The Ultimate Workout-to-Workday Hairstyle

Because half a pound of dry shampoo isn't working anymore.

Adidas stella mccartney, Aveda, Boxer braids, Parallel braids
Via Aveda 

We don’t know about you, but after a sweaty morning workout, there’s usually time for just two hair options: A straight-from-the-shower wet bun (brrr), or a heavy-handed powdering of dry shampoo over semi-dry roots … Not exactly the most fashionable options, right?

Thank goodness for Aveda Artist and lead stylist for Stella McCartney’s latest Adidas Collection show Frank Rizzieri. When we mentioned our hair problem to Rizzieri (to shower or dry shampoo) he immediately suggested we embraced the parallel plaits the models rocked at McCartney’s showing.

“We had to create a style that would stay put during a high impact workout,” said Rizzieri. Boxer-style braids are a no-brainer—they keep hair off the face during your sweat sesh, and will keep your roots from getting as sweaty as they do when you rock a basic pony. Plus, when you take them out after your workout, you’ll be left with loose, voluptuous waves. Win-win, right? Here’s how to get the look in the locker room after class:

1Step 1

With a wide tooth comb, create a middle part from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Divide hair into right and left sections.

2Step 2

Gather three small sections of hair from the forehead on the right side and begin to French braid hair slowly so that the braid gets thicker.

3Step 3

Secure the end of French braid with a thin elastic and repeat on the other side.

4Step 4

Spray hairspray directly onto a fine tooth comb and finish the look by gently combing flyaways into place over the entire head.