The Ultimate World Running Challenge!

On the 4th May at 10am UTC, and equivalent times across the globe, contestants from 34 different countries in 40 different locations will compete against each other at exactly the same time for The Wings For Life World Run. A brand new global first event where the world can race together, simultaneously! It’s a great way to see your fellow contestants on a big screen from the other side of the world running with you. Think you can win against that guy in the USA, well if you haven’t outrun him yet, than look behind you as 30 mins into the race, there will be a catcher car who will probably outrun you! As soon as that car passes you. Your out! Sounds like fun right? We think so! For those of you keen to compete, the Australian location will be Busselton, Western Australia which is a stunning beach side town that’s 2.5 hours south of Perth. With plenty of beach side accommodation, wineries, activities, breath taking beaches and delicious dining at your finger tips, it’s a great idea to maybe turn this into a mini holiday and enjoy what Busselton and it’s surrounds has to offer.

So Australians, set your times to 6pm and head to Wings For Life World Run website to register. All proceeds go to the Wings For Life Spinal Cord Research Charity. So sign up and join in and support a good cause as on this day the world will run as one for the Wings For Life