The world’s healthiest breakfast food according to nutritionists

Whether you like them scrambled, poached or fried, the humble egg has be touted as the world's healthiest breakfast by nutritionists.


We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and according to expert nutritionists, we should all be eating eggs.

“As a dietitian, you are often asked to rank different food choices and I am hard pressed to find a better breakfast option than the egg, nutritionally speaking,” says dietician and ambassador for the Australian Egg Corporation, Susie Burrell. “When eggs are compared to other traditional breakfast favourites, their protein power always comes out on top.”

Eating two eggs on two slices of wholemeal toast provides close to 20g of protein – a third of an adults daily protein needs – which is:

  • 86% higher in protein than ½ cup muesli with ½ cup milk
  • 48% higher in protein than 1 cup porridge with 1 cup milk
  • 32% higher in protein than 1 cup baked beans on 2 slices wholemeal toast
  • 26% higher in protein than 4 wheat cereal biscuits with 1 cup milk

Not only that, eggs provide the highest quality protein available and are bursting with essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, E, B5 and B12, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Iron, Iodine, Phosphorus and Selenium, as well as being an unbeatable source of folate for mums-to-be.

Are eggs the healthiest option for breakfast?

Nutrition guidelines have changed substantially over the last twenty years; most significantly there has been a shift from a high carbohydrate diet to a lower carb, more balanced approach.

We now know that eating protein first thing in the morning is proven to assist appetite control, keeping us fuller for longer and encouraging weight management.

“Animal based protein provides the body with plenty of leucine, the amino acid directly involved in regulating insulin levels in the body. The more tightly we control our insulin levels, the better it is for weight control and appetite regulation – explaining why we feel full until lunchtime when we have tucked into a hearty egg based breakfast,” says Susie.

As a practicing dietician, Susie says she recommends eggs to all her clients regardless of their cholesterol levels. She also dispels the myth that the yolks are bad for you and urges people not to discard them since a large portion of the nutrients are contained within the yellow centre.

So whether you like them poached, scrambled or fried, in an omelette or on top of toast, add some veggies for a real nutrient hit and start your day off right.

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