These 5 Podcasts Will Make Your Commute More Bearable

Your commute just got way more entertaining.

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If you still haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon, now’s the time to do it. They are (basically) commercial-free conversations that keep you both entertained during a workout or a trek to work (a major plus!) and in the know.

But even if Serial or TED Talks aren’t your thing, fortunately, there are plenty of amazing alternatives. Here, a collection of some of our favourites, from thought-provoking discussions to laugh-out-loud-on-the-train comedy, to keep you occupied.

1For your wellbeing

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In this podcast, Wellness lifestyle blogger, Lindsay Mueller leads relatable but thought-provoking discussions with guest experts, covering everything from yoga to body positivity to conscious consumption. We love that it’s engaging and authoritative without being the slightest bit preachy.

Listen here.

2For laughs

Hamish & Andy

Need a good laugh? Allow Australian radio comedy duo, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee to liven up your commute or workout. In addition to their own LOL-worthy personal stories, the two host a slew of diverse and talented celebs.

Listen here. 

3For your career

The Call With Erica Williams Simon by Man Repeller

Erica Williams Simon is a writer, former political strategist and now, the host of a brand-new podcast for Man Repeller named The Call. Featuring women from all walks of life who have answered their own “call”, the conversations go beyond the usual cliches to talk about real challenges they’ve met along the way. It’ll enlighten and inspire you, all before your morning cup of coffee.

Listen here. 

4For beauty tips & news

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Fat Mascara

This addictive podcast, hosted by beauty editors, Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein, centres on all things beauty, from celebrity interviews and buzzy new facials to genius cruelty-free products. They like to keep things real, which we admire. And we’re not alone in our affection; Fat Mascara is consistently ranked as the #1 beauty and fashion podcast on iTunes.

Listen here.

5For brunch gossip

Pop Culture Happy Hour

For your dose of Hollywood updates, check out Pop Culture Happy Hour. The podcast comes from the writers behind NPR’s Monkey See and focuses on reviewing and discussing books, movies, music, and television, as well as other entertainment news and updates that strike a nerve.

Listen here.