7 Foodie Trends You’re Going To Start Seeing Everywhere

According to Pinterest.

foodie trends
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What did we all do for food inspiration before Pinterest? The social networking site is an absolute goldmine for foodies — offering everything from cooking and meal prep tips to delicious poke bowl recipes. 

Pinterest also tends to be way ahead of the times when it comes to trends. So, what better to determine which food and drink trends are going to be hot in 2018 than by analysing Pinterest data? That’s exactly what online electrical retailer AO.com have done, rounding up the most saved pins of 2017 to predict which trends are going to take the food world by storm.

1Health-boosted coffee

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It seems that our daily cup-of-joe is about to get a serious health boost. Pins for healthier versions of coffee were up by 218% in 2017! This year, opting for cow’s milk alternatives or adding wellness supplements like collagen, turmeric or beetroot powder to your brew is set to be all the rage.

2Snap peas

I would argue that snap peas are the most underrated vegetable, and it seems I’m not the only one — as they had a massive increase in pins last year. Not only do they pack a serious nutritional punch (they’re a good source of fibre and vitamin C), they’re super versatile and can even be eaten raw.

3Morrocan cuisine

Pinterest users went nuts over Moroccan food last year, with a 2579% increase in pins by the end of the year! And with its vibrant colour and flavour and health-boosting spices, it’s not hard to see why. We also love the fact that many Moroccan dishes are slow-cooked — less time in the kitchen is always a win for us!

4Clean cocktails

Happy hour is set to get a health makeover this year, with saves of clean cocktails on the rise by 160%. Think mojitos made with natural sugar alternatives like coconut sugar, adding fresh fruits and herbs and supplementing sugary mixers with coconut water to counteract dehydration. Check out some of our favourite guilt-free cocktail recipes.

5Air frying

Thanks to the wonders of Pinterest, home chefs have been getting more creative with their air fryer recipes — using the gadget to cook everything from roast potatoes to meat, fish and even cake!

7Korean food

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Not only are Korean trends huge in the beauty world, but they’re going to change the way we eat, too! Korean food has soared in popularity, with a 222% increase in saves on Pinterest. The East Asian cuisine is all about simple yet bold flavours. Pickling and fermentation are huge, too — but this year, we’ll be looking beyond just kimchi and experimenting with condiments like soybean paste, fermented shrimp and anchovy sauce.