These eco-friendly yoga mats are inspired by the colours of life

We’re delighted to announce there’s another reason to hit the mat. Meet the eco-friendly (and super stylish) brand: The Bowern.

The Bowern, yoga mats

When TV presenter-turned-entrepreneur Dani Bowern started practising yoga as a way to cope with the daily stresses and long hours of broadcast journalism, every practice revealed an unavoidable truth: in the process of chasing her dreams, she lost touch with who she was and the things she loved. With ambition, brains and beauty, she had goals to achieve and lived a fast paced life of long days spent reporting and researching. The watercolour art she painted in her (if ever) spare time, appeased her creative soul, consequently driving her to carpe the diem and combine her two passions. In the spirit of Beyonce, when life gives you lemons… well, make watercolour-printed yoga mats!

Ocean inspired hues, mandalas and palm trees are what makes these designs so unique and as soothing as your own practice. The bright and colourful streaks blend into each other, delivering an entrancingly utopian-like space for yogis to just be. And that’s exactly what The Bowern is aiming for with the newly launched eco-luxe yoga mats.

So without further ado, here’s the nitty gritty of The Bowern yoga mats:

Made of 100% biodegradable and recyclable fibre with a micro-fibre suede top, the beautifully designed mats inspire freedom of thought and movement, as the watercolours bleed into each other to create an authentic space inspired by the colours of life. If you’re always looking out for the next best things in terms of grip, look no further. The sweatier you get, the more it stays with you. We love? No, we need.

More than just your next favourite accessory, the yoga mats are free of all the bad stuff, including PVC and silicone, and act as a reminder for those who practice to be unique and true to themselves. The mats are available to order online, and since they recently sold out at the last Wanderlust Festival something tells us we need to head on over and click order soon.

With big dreams and a big smile to match, Dani Bowern recently told Sporteluxe she is just riding the crazy roller coaster of life and her new status as entrepreneur. Keep your eyes peeled and your namaste on, cause these mats are spreading the good vibes and insipiring you not only to rise to Warrior I, but to be the warrior.

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Andrea Kovszun
Andrea is a qualified yoga instructor and writer. With an international background, she grew up on a small island in the Caribbean and speaks both fluent French and English. She now enjoys an active life on the northern beaches of Sydney, as an avid enthusiast of all things surf, yoga, travel and photography. Writing is her favourite way to channel her positive energy and hopes to inspire people towards a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. Andrea graduated from Paris Business School and Australian Catholic university with a Bachelor of Business, and is currently pursuing her post-grad in Journalism at UTS.