This airline now serves SumoSalad on board  

Jetstar, SumoSalad, healthier in-flight menu

Are you planning a flight soon, but scared of the pastries and pies on the regular in-flight menu?

Then chances are you’ll be as excited as we were at Sporteluxe HQ when news of a partnership between wildly successful salad fast food retailer, SumoSalad, and Jetstar arrived in our office.

From today, three of SumoSalad’s most popular dishes will be available on selected Jetstar flights, offering great alternatives for health-conscious passengers.

Jetstar, SumoSalad, healthier in-flight menu

(But don’t worry – if pizza and pastry is REALLY what you want mid-air, then they still have Eagle Boys and Pie Face options available too.)

For now, you can pre-order a salad that’s either Chicken Basil Penne (2430 kJ for 250g), Pumpkin & Couscous (968kJ for 250g) and Lentil Salad (1246kJ for 300g) at the time of booking or through the airline’s ‘Manage My Booking’ [] service up to 24 hours before you fly. (For a limited time only, customers can grab one on board, but it’s still best to pre-book.)

“People want to feel comfortable during the flight and arrive feeling the best they can,” says dietitian for SumoSalad, Georgina Moore. Nutritious, protein-rich foods will help bolster your hydrations levels when you fly too, she adds.

“We know the food scene in Australia has changed dramatically since we started flying 11 years ago and our menu has evolved along with it,” says Jetstar spokesperson, Carly Povey.

We love that this airline has taken healthy meal options to the next level – literally – which means unhealthy food options are less likely to rear their ugly Pie Faces. Here’s hoping some more travel companies soon follow suit!

Story by Georgia Pretty