This burger has less carbs than a sushi roll! Seriously!

Paleo, Grilld healthy burger, grilld paleo burger

Grilld burger, paleo burger

We’re all for easy healthier eating alternatives here at Sporteluxe. So we were happy to hear that the healthy burger experts at Grill’d are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a new Low Carb SuperBun. This revolutionary bun is a world first and means that Grill’d are now able to offer any of their burgers with less than 10% carbs. That’s less carbs than one sushi roll and a third of the carbs of a chicken wrap.

The SuperBun contains natural ingredients including organic coconut cream, almond meal, psyllium husk and raw honey. It is grain free, gluten free and dairy free and just like the rest of the range of buns at Grill’d, contains no refined sugar. Of course, if you  have a craving for a traditional burger, Grill’d still have a range of healthy burger choices served on delicious Panini buns.

Simon Crowe is the mastermind behind Grill’d and says, “the business was founded with a simple mission to improve the burger offering available to Aussies.” The beef and lamb in their burgers is all grass-fed and hormone free with some of the beef actually reared on Simon’s very own farm in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. If meat is not your thing, then you’ll also be happy to hear there are three delicious vegetarian options available, from the Garden of Goodness, to Field of Dreams and the all-new Friends of Falafel, all of which makes for a guilt free burger experience!

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