This clean protein is the perfect for fitness lovers!

As any clean eating and exercise devotee will tell you, all proteins aren’t created equal. However, Sculpt the experts in women’s protein, have created a new natural formulation that will get the tick of approval from even the most discerning nutrition lover. It’s called Sculpt Supernaturals Protein, $38 and it’s available in two yummy flavours: Superfruits & Pomegranate and Dark Vanilla & Raw Cacao.

Sculpt Supernaturals Protein is specifically designed to deliver on the nutritional factors that are important. We’re talking grass fed NZ whey protein boosted with superfoods to support healthy metabolism and absolutely no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. Supernaturals complements offer a pure protein alternative for weight management and
healthy snacking, with ingredients that love your body back.

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